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Virages Academy, the reason why!

Over the past few years we have been blessed with advances in automobile technology resulting in truly performance oriented vehicles available in all categories. Levels of performance once the sole bastion of the ultra high performance automobile are now available to many people without having to spend obsessive amounts of money. Technological improvements abound with driver safety devices leading the way coupled with massive horsepower increases.

More and more people are buying vehicles that cannot be fully enjoyed on public roads, at least not legally. Tuning is continuing its massive popularity as are technical advancements.

While this is all fascinating and progressive, we need to be cognoscente of the what else these technological marvels could create. We believe that the possibility for dangerous incidents increases exponentially.

Of note, the number of overall accidents has not diminished in equal proportion to the advances of technology. One would expect a greater decrease due to all of the new driving aids. In particular the number of deaths of younger people has continued to be dangerously high.

We at Virages Academy believe that increasing fines or making new restrictions are not the answer. Instead, a KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE based approach should be considered.

It is only through conscious awareness and understanding that we will reduce accidents or better yet, reduce the possibility of creating them since incidents occur as drivers react to “something” that happens on the road in front of them…and most recently things that happen within the vehicle which is a much greater threat.

To believe that all of the new safety devices such as brake assist, blind spot warning systems, will make drivers better is fallacy. Instead, it may lead to an even greater apathy amongst drivers who are already weak in the basic principles.  For example, do you think someone could think the following?

“ …If my car will automatically slow down when I get to close to someone in front, and also warn me if I am leaving my lane and someone is beside me…I can then drive with even less regard on the road and talk more on my phone and better yet TEXT!...”  Just think about this for a moment….does this scare anyone?

Thankfully, the number of places where drivers can access a road course has grown. The following are all less than 2 hours from Montreal, ICAR, Ste Eustache, Sanair and le Circuit Mont Tremblant. Each of these road courses offer time to all drivers to explore the limits of their performance vehicles which cannot and should not be done on public roads.

So…Virages Academy has created a series of courses to address all levels of driving experience, drawn for thousands of hours of teaching all manner of drivers, from elite race car drivers, to corporate road warriors to the beginner.

Our goal is to heighten everyone’s perception that driving is an art and that ONE SECOND  can make a difference in saving lives…your and all those around you!

All of this knowledge and teaching usually reserved for the racer is now available to the general public at every day prices which has been the impediment for most people.

Our belief is the following tiered approach;

  • Ensure that drivers understand what technology can and cannot do
  • Teach them better basic driving skills
  • Use specially designed theory classes to tie together driving techniques and technology
  • Teach more advanced driving techniques
  • Place all graduates into an environment where they can practice and face real world situations safely.

Take our driving test to see if you can pass or if you could use a refresher…click here.

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