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Karting Jan 2015 Robert 0126


 Lot's of fun!

Hi Karters !

Firts of all… Ouch!  Since last Friday night I’ve rediscovered muscles I tought were long gone!

Following a quick phone call with Michel Galarneau I was pleased to find out I was not the only one.

 But it’s a small downside compare to the TON of FUN I had and shared with over 20 great track fellows. Again I would like to thank all of you that participated in the event, including our good friends from the BMW Club. Following conversations I had with some of you Friday, and the interest showed, it’s quite possible that Club Virages would organise another karting event before the end of the winter. In that case you would be advise by e-mail and it’ll also be posted on our web site.  So don’t forget to visit our site on a regular basis to be kept informed with the lastest news about our activities.

 Bye to all and we’ll see you on a track nearby !

Robert Gough

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