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  • Group Virages


    Although Le Groupe Virages is located in the Montreal area, we organize and participate in social and driving events in the eastern part of Canada and USA. Using the tools available like the Calendar, the Forum, the Classified and the Web site in general, the members of Virages can communicate amongst themselves in order to exchange ideas and share their passion.




    The Group is divided in three entities, the Club, the Academy and Lapping. Members benefit from different advantages like discount with partners, participation in the clubs activities like monthly dinner, technical sessions, coffee runs, optional Pole Position subscription, reciprocity with other car clubs and more. The Club is yours, make it like you want it! 
  • Dinners


    The Club is always seeking inputs from their members in order to organize the best activities for them. The primary goal of these activities is always to create a high level of camaraderie amongst the members. So enjoying a nice monthly dinner, participating at the annual banquet or meeting friends for a theater night, the smiles are always there.

    Coffee runs


    You like driving your car on the beautiful roads of the Province? We organize four coffee runs this year. This is an event where we meet at a coffee shop in the morning and drive a couple of hours to a location (ie. a restaurant) where we can have good food and chat about the fun we had. These events are not driving at high speed on the road, we follow all speed limits and it's a nice and safe driving on the back roads.
  • Driving


    The Academy organizes regular workshops aimed at improving the safety and the driving techniques of our members. We have more than 40 years of racing, driving cars in all conditions and participating in road racing, rallying, autocrossing, ice driving and more. Having develop and tought different driving schools across the country, we can definitely make you a better driver.


    Better driver


    Driving on a track at speed is dangerous and takes a high level of skills and techniques. By joining the Group, you'll be able to gain experience, newer techniques and become a better driver on the road, on the track or a faster racer.
  • HPDE

    High Perf. Driving Education

    These sessions offered by many clubs are structured to offer education to all driver's group. The participants are normally split in 4 groups (Beginner to advanced) and an instructor is usually assigned to you. The aim is to provide a safe environment to learn the driving techniques with step by step instructions. The on-track time is about 2hrs/day. 


    Getting seat time

    Lapping sessions are offered to advanced/solo drivers at different tracks and are run on a more relaxed way. They are offered to drivers who can drive without instructions and the track time is usually very high (Up to 4 hrs/day). Safety is always a priority! It's a great way to practice advanced techniques before learning new ones.

Balade de l'été 2017


Balade de l'été

Samedi le 15 juillet

Le temps est venu de penser à la 2 ième balade du club. Cette dernière gravitera dans les Basses-Laurentides soit: La région de Mirabel, d'Oka et se terminera à Lachute.

Pour la balade d'été qui se tiendra le 15 Juillet, le départ se fera à la sortie 23 côté ouest(Pétro-Canada) à 9 h 00.

Le premier arrêt sera une chocolaterie artisanale dont la propriétaire est alsacienne: www.chocolateriemf.com

Le 2 Ième arrêt sera une visite d'une collection privée de voitures anciennes et de luxe. C'est toute une chance qui s'offre à nous!

Le tout se terminera par un dîner champêtre à l'Érablière du sanglier: erablieredusanglier.com

J'inclu le menu afin que les personnes choisissent le plat principal et m'en fasse part lors de la réservation dans le champ "Commentaires" ou via courriel . Il est à noter qu'on peux apporter notre boisson (vin ou autre). Le paiement pour le repas est comptant seulement. Important s'il y a des allergies alimentaires de m'en faire part lors de la réservation via courriel.

Cordialement vôtre,

Autres demande ou commentaire : Accomodation pour repas végétarien; un potage remplacera les cretons et les saucisses de sanglier, un brie chaud érable et noix remplacement la viande du plat principal.

Organisé par Marie-Lise Guindon, Richard Dubé et Sylvain Massé
Ouvert à tous, gratuit pour les membres Virages!


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