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Welcome to Virages Academy

A driving school is often the driver’s first contact with the world of the automobile and/or motor sports. It can also be the first step in a race driver’s career. This makes it the ideal environment to learn or refresh basic principles.

Driving can be a passionate endeavor, but more importantly, one that demands discipline. Whether your goal is to improve your day to day driving, to race for fun, or to become a champion, the knowledge you will acquire at Virages Academy will help you achieve your objectives.

Virages Academy is dedicated to increasing the standards of driver training. Our goal is to educate as many drivers as possible to promote a set of much higher standards on the roads by offering educational courses to everyone. Our approach is to create an awareness and understanding of all the new technological advancements of car manufacturers while making sure the core foundation of driving, a skill set, is never forgotten.  Only in this manner can we expect to create an integrated approach where modern technology is helping the driver versus creating a total misunderstanding that technology actually drives the vehicle.

At Virage Academy you will use your own vehicle to be able to learn and understand the particular characteristics it has.

During classroom time, in order to make the most of your stay with us, it is important that you are always open minded and willing to learn. Our instructors are passionate and dedicated to help you achieve your goals. Listen and take advice from your instructors and do not hesitate to ask them questions as many times as is necessary for you to understand.

Our Philosophy:

 Virages Academy believes that to be able to fully enjoy the driving experience of any vehicle it is important to understand and form a strong foundation combining knowledge and practice of key car dynamics and driving techniques that will enable all drivers to be safer and more adept in real world circumstances. This foundation will be built in stages, with each stage building on the previous.



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