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Preventive driving for Members (Non-Corporate)

Stage One:  This is the starting point of all knowledge. We will cover the basics such as driving/seating positions, how to adjust your mirrors, steering and braking techniques and basic vehicle dynamics.

Stage one is comprised of both a theory session and a practical session in a controlled environment. In the practice session you will be asked to demonstrate the skill sets discussed in the classroom and our instructors will work with you to perfect the techniques. Some of these exercises will include understanding ABS brakes, skids; both under steer and over steer. At the conclusion of this course our goal is to have each student be more comfortable in their vehicle and better prepared at negotiating the urban jungle.

Stage Two:  Stage two will take the basics from stage one, and explore in greater detail both the theory and practical sides of driving. A greater emphasis is placed on emergency maneuvers and car control and also at greater speeds. Stage two also has a theory and practical session.

Some of the key maneuvers would include a figure 8 steering exercise where we can simulate all manner of skids and increasing speeds. We will also explore differences in tires and road surfaces. Increased emphasis will be placed on vehicle handling and reaction times during the re-creation of emergency situations.


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