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Performance driving for Members (Non-Corporate)


Stage Three: Stage three will once again build on both Stage one and Stage two courses and is focused on high performance driving. It continues the tradition of both a theory and practical session.

In Stage three we will explore in depth driving on a race course at elevated speeds and what this requires from both you the driver and your vehicle. The course is intended to be more technical and involve higher speed track maneuvers and driving. Drivers will have to pass both Stage one and Stage two prior to being allowed to  take Stage three.

This course is intended to be a preparation for everyone who is interested in lapping, autocross, and other race track directed activity.

Stage Four:  Stage four is intended only for those wishing to perfect their race craft and is a highly advanced course with very small classroom size. It is imperative that all Stages have been passed prior to registering for this course or proof of previous experience signed off by a recognized racing body. It too is comprised of a theory and practical session.



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