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This course is intended to be a preparation for everyone who is interested in lapping, autocross, and other race track directed activity and for those wanting to learn how to maximize their enjoyment of their vehicles.

  • This is a 3 hour course given in a classroom
  • Coffee and drinks supplied.
  • Maximum participants limited to 15.
  • Morning and afternoon sessions are available
  • Morning course begin at 9 am
  • Afternoon sessions begin at 1pm.
  • The course is open to all class of drivers, minimum age requirement is 16.
  • Key concepts covered but not limited to;
  •  Race accessories and their role...roll cages, suits, gloves
  •  More passing and drafting
  •  The truth about a race line
  •  Rain – the great equalizer but what does it do to the line?
  •  Advanced traction circle
  •  Etiquette
  •  Performance and your vehicle

STAGE THREE: Practice 

This course is usually held on a different day than theory to allow the student to practice some of what they learned in day to day driving. There will be dedicated all day sessions where theory and practice are combined.

 Some key exercises’ will include but not limited to;

  •  Car inspection and review
  •  High speed track maneuvers
  •  Using vision around the track
  •  Getting around the same corner in as many ways as possible…which is the best?
  •  Passing on track
  • What to look for while on the track


STAGE FOUR:  Theory and practice


Stage four is intended only for those wishing to perfect their race craft and is a highly advanced course with very small classroom size.

  • This is a full day session at one location.
  • It is classroom and practice combined.
  • All nourishment and beverages are supplied.
  • Maximum participants limited to 9.
  • It is imperative that all Stages have been passed prior to registering for this course or proof of previous experience signed off by a recognized racing body.
  • Stage four requires all participants to take a small test to determine their level of ability.
  • The final course curriculum will be drafted after an initial review of the test results. Basic course content will focus on but will not be limited to the following;
    • High speed passing
    • High speed corner entry
    • Tying together a series of corners
    • Mechanical failures
    • The finesse test – do you pass?
    • Tires and grip


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