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To see all Lapping events for the year; Click HERE!
Lapping selection grid, Click HERE!

Normaly, a driver should have some seat time and have followed the proper courses before going Lapping. As a general rule, the driver does not need instructions and can drive solo! Very often, the clubs offering Lapping events don't have any instructors available.

Be advised that, even if you've been declared solo on a track, it doesn't mean that you can attent a lapping event at another track. You might need a checkout.

The best way to be, almost sure, recognized as a solo driver is to have the Fédération du Sport Automobile du Québec (FSAQ) logbook properly filled by an instructor every time you go on track. As a matter of fact, here the ASQ Skill grid. Click HERE!

High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) is given by two major players:

  • BMW Quebec

Lapping is offered by these two Other clubs:

  • ASE Lapping
  • ICAR

Just click on their respective tabs to find more!

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