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This section provides information on Clubs offering Autoslalom and Time Attack events.
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  • Autoslalom
    • This competition is taking place in a closed environment; it could be a parking lot, a large paved area or a race track. 
    • The organizers make up a course line up by orange cones. The goal is to drive the course as fast as possible without hitting cones (1 second penalty for each!). You have a limited number of runs to make your best time.
    • Every driver is put in a class according to the performance and modifications of the car.
    • Obviously, this is the place to start learning the proper driving techniques. You can make errors and the only damage that you’ll ever do on your car is a cone mark (Easily remove by a rag!)
  • Time Attack
    • This competitive event is a good way to do some car racing while reducing the risk of being it by another competitor. In reality, since there is no start or finish, you won’t be racing against another driver but against the watch.
    • So, how does it work? Pretty simple, a group of cars enters the track and you have a certain number of laps to make your best time. Simply put, it’s like a race qualification session.
    • The best time in each class qualifies for a trophy.
    • It’s an excellent alternative to going racing since it keeps the cost as low as possible and there is no banging between cars. So stay on the track and you might win!


In the province, two clubs offers these events:

CADL (Club Autosport des Laurentides)

  • Autoslalom
    • The CADL is definitely the reference in the Autoslalom. They're master at organizing successful events where everybody is having fun. I personnaly started doing Autoslalom is 1991 at the Rosemere shopping center and I always love being able to participate in their events. Since those early days, they moved to tracks like PMG, ICAR and Sanair.

Track & Time T&T2

  • Time Attack
    • Track & Time is a new player in Quebec and is organizing Tiame Attack events at ICAR and calabogie in 2011. Come and join us!

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