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Rules and dates for Autoslalom

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The Club Auto-sport Des Laurentides (CADL) is organizing autoslalom races sanctionned by the FASQ.

An autoslalom is a race where the competitors are timed by driving a course delimited by cones. The driver is alone on the course. Those event are generally held on a large parking lot, an airport, a race track or a large paved area.

The courses are challenging the driving skils of the driver a lot more than the performance of the cars. In reality, the runs are done at a relatively slow speed and there is no possibilities of getting close to another car. So, the risks associated to this type of motorsport are very limited.

Since cars are placed in classes, the drivers are competing agaist a similarly prepared car. As a matter of fact, for most of the competitors the car they drive in the Autoslalom is the same they drive everyday to work.

So anybody having a valid driver licence, a Snell 95 helmet and a car in decend condition can participate and have fun at these events.

The complete rules, online registration and calendar of events can be found at


Note: This is a summary of the rules and regulations and Virages does not take any responsibility on errors or omission. Validate with the club!

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