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Rules and dates for Time Attack

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Track & Time organizes Time Attack races on tracks located in Québec, Ontario and the north east of the USA.

The Time Attack event is a race agaisnt the watch like a race qualification. Passing is allowed with a point by signal.

You don't need to be a member of Track & Time to participate in the events, Everybody is welcome.

If you want to participate, you'll a T&T certtificate. The certificate is automatic providing you already have a road racing licence or if you have followed a race course recognized by T&T. Participants without licence but who have on track experience, can submit their request to the Chief-Instructor for evaluation. The CI can either decide to give a solo T&T certificate or request an instructor to ride with the driver. The CI can refuse any participants without the proper experience. 

The competition and safety rules, the rules on the dricing certificate, the medical form, the technical inspection form, the calendar for the events, the online registration and payment is available at

Note: This is a summary of the rules and regulations and Virages does not take any responsibility on errors or omission. Validate with the club!

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