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ASE (Autodrome St-Eustache) Lapping club has been in operation for many years and is located in St-Eustache, just north of Montreal. They have held many racing courses over the years and continue to form race drivers competing in many regional and National races. The president of ASE Lapping club is Carl Wener.


Carl decided many years ago to offer lapping at the Autodrome St-Eustache. Although most clubs who offers lapping require that a point by signal be used to signal other drivers to pass, ASE Lapping don’t use any. Is it more dangerous than the more traditional point by system?


Actually no! And here’s why! First of all it’s not new as it’s been in application with many clubs like in Vintage racing.


It’s simple; a car doesn’t need to wait for a signal from a slower car to pass. He just passes when and where it is safe to do so! On the other end, it’s very controlled as “Dive Bomb” passing is not allowed and passing zones are explained before the sessions. This scenario has many advantages since it’s removing the ambiguity of the passing signal. I’ve seen many two cars accidents on the track because the passing driver decides to pass without a signal or is not sure if he received one! You can always blame the other driver (Like some do!) but it doesn't fix your car!


It allows faster drivers to pass earlier and it reduces the overall stress of everybody. A side benefit is that every drivers are keeping their hands on the steering wheel.

It’s obvious that the awareness of all drivers on the track have to be maintained at a very high level and you have to be aware before entering a corner if anybody is close to you and wants to pass. A pass cannot be started after the entry point to the corner and the flaggers are in constant communication with the organizers. They report any problems and act immediately.


The normal day is split in 7 sessions of 30 minutes and the number of participants is limited, so act rapidly to register.


ASE  Lapping Club is inviting the Virages members at different locations. Autodrome St-Eustache, Mosport and Calabogie.


This type of lapping is reserved for advanced drivers and is open to all types of cars.


Note: This is a summary of the rules and regulations and Virages does not take any responsibility on errors or omission. Validate with the club!

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