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In every organisation, there must be a team of good people who share a long term vision and who can foster new ideas.

It is also equally important to have a group with experience and more so when we're talking about driving! Driving can be both enjoyable and rewarding when done right, but it can also be deathly when the untrained are behind the wheel and/or when distraction takes over.

Although the Virages team is small for now, it doesn't skip on the knowledge, experience and skills.

The key people behind Virages are:

  • Michel Galarneau

The words that can best describe Michel are dedication, perseverance and loyalty.

Michel's passion for automobiles was honed at a very early age where he actively built many projects cars, "Hot rods", Mustang Shelby and others. A real gear head to the core Michel has never given up this passion and today after retiring from 30 years at IBM he runs a well known and reputable business preparing Porsche's and other vehicles for both the track and road.

As Technical Engineer, Manager, Project Manager and Sales Manager to name but a few of the hats he wore, Michel's skills and work etiquette still remain as standards during his time with small, medium and large accounts across Canada like Desjardins, BNC, Canada Post.

He honed his skill sets that today remain his trademark. Unparalleled people management, an unbelievable ability to bear down upon challenges and a way with computers.

He received his road racing licence in 1974 at Le Circuit Mt-Tremblant. During the time spent at IBM, he was deeply involved, with his wife, in the local chapter of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) and over the 20 years period, he held different positions in the club such as Rally Master, Track Chair, VP, Webmaster, President, Chief Instructor, and Parade 1999 co-chair (which attracted over 750 Porsche at Mt-Tremblant) Under Michel's tutelage together with a strong team, they were able to successfully grow membership from 150 to 600 members.

Michel spends over 100 days per year on a racetrack (or parking lot) driving and/or teaching to groups or to individuals. He's also a Chief-Instructor with the FSAQ (Fédération du Sport Automobile du Québec) and a PCA National Instructor.

There is no one better suited to create and guide the Groupe and ensure that its vision of educating the driving public is achieved.

  • Nicole Galarneau

The words that best describe Nicole is friendly, helpfull and integrity.

Nicole has been an accountant for her entire career helping people in small business achieve their growth and making sure all the pennies are accounted for and posted according the the best accounting principles. 

She's been involved with the Porsche Club for almost 20 years as a Treasurer and General Manager and managed to bring the club to very wealthy status.

During the Porsche Parade in 1999, she successfully managed a $1M budget and was able to bring back this event in the black after many years in the red. Since she moved many time around Canada, she's fluent in English and French. 

The time spend with the Club has been very rewarding as far as friends made and skills learned.

This will be put to great use in the Group Virages.

  • Peter Korsos

Three words that describe Peter Korsos are drive, focus, and passion.

Peter’s leadership is founded on the sound principle of “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” As General Manager of Luxo Lamp, Peter drove change management that turned around slumping revenues and earned 15% growth as a result. Peter next stabilized the company’s foundation by pursuing long-term exclusive contracts that created $1.5 million in core sales annually. His talent for simplifying business, creating momentum, and driving profitability has produced unprecedented results for each of the organizations he has worked for.

Peter brings about positive change with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue. In both his work, and his personal life, Peter demonstrates a personal passion for teaching others. A level II certified POSE running coach, speaker,  former chief instructor for the Rennsport region Porsche Club of America and current Zone 1 instructor, Peter spends time perfecting his expertise by sharing it with those around him. A life-long learner, Peter speaks three languages fluently: English, French, and Hungarian. As an undergraduate, he received the Dean Magnus Flynn Award and scholarship for high academic standing and strong contribution to student life before attaining his Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree with a major in marketing.

When his daughter was born, doctors told Peter and his wife that she would never walk, or attend a ‘regular’ school. Peter educated himself about her condition, and worked with her to see her achieve ‘the impossible’. She now walks, and attends regular school. She has evolved from the worst case to the best case at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. As in his family life, Peter takes great pride in his ability to do what others call ‘impossible’ when it comes to business. This is what he calls today’s next challenge. His ability to simplify business, create momentum, and drive profitability comes naturally to him and is the foundation of his success.

It is this passion that has brought Peter to be part of Group Virage and head of Virage Academy. His passion for automobiles is well known and documented, having worked for Bridgestone/Firestone and Pirelli Tire. His love of  teaching and the search for knowledge makes Peter the perfect candidate for this role.

  • Dave Parcigneau

The words that can describe Dave are perseverance, skills and leadership.

Fuelled by his passion in motor racing, Dave decided early in his life to become involved with the ASE clubs and became an experienced driver and an instructor. Later on, he was the chief-instructor at the track. Since then he never stopped training race drivers, instructors and developing a racing successful school. He's been involved at this track for close to 20 years. He has driving and teaching experience on many tracks.

He also participated in many manufacturing corporate events.

Being an FSAQ chief-instructor for many years, Dave has been involved in developing a standard for the Road Racing licence.

He is the author of the Virages Performance driving manual.

His skill set is an important asset for the Group Virages.

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