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The following companies are partners of Virages and offer either privileges or discount to our members. If you're looking for products or services be sure to check with them and show your Virages membership card. Don't forget...

They support them!


We finalized a partnership agreement with ICAR offering many advantages to Virages members.

Circuit ICAR offers a special Membership card for activities at their site this summer. The Virages Privilege membership gives 5 days which can be changed to 10 half days of lapping. Using this privileges we are putting forward the MMV (Méchant Mercredi Virages) where Virages members will enjoy driving a full afternoon on the track with other members.

Talon tires

Talon tires becomes a major sponsor of Virages. Well known from the racers and performance enthusiasts, they are also extremely good at providing good tire advice to any driver.


Autosport MG

The driving force behind Virages. Autosport MG provides top quality parts and service on your Porsche. Contact them!



Do you want a professional quality clean and wax done on your car or motorhome at your place?

Look no further and contact Philippe Fortin!

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