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A car club with a social mandate!

The automobile…love it, dislike it, blame it for many things, it is a cultural icon in our society. From personal transportation to public transportation, cars, buses, trucks, trains, planes…they are all part of the bigger picture. Today everyone is focused on going green, hybrids, electrics, hydrogen, bio-diesel are a few of the technologies in use, and more will come. It is a fantastic initiative and on that will forever change the face of the industry and create a legacy for our children.

The automobile is part of our culture and will likely forever be part of it as we as people define ourselves by where we can go, any time any place and in what type of vehicle. Automobiles are iconic and also can be considered status symbols. They are collected, stored, and talked about daily. They are a passion of many and to others simply a necessary evil.

However there is a common thread amongst all…we need to understand the technology and also how to drive them. By this, we mean not simply turn on the vehicle, put it in drive or 1st, but take to the roads in a way that we contribute to the overall safety of our roadways.

Then of course, share the passion which many have with others who may be more than a little daunted by the mechanical monster in their driveway.

Oh, and by the way, passion for motorcars is not exclusive to the rich and famous!

It is something to be shared and enjoyed by all from those with a Lada to those with a Ferrari…inarguably two cars at opposite ends of the spectrum.

For this reason Le Groupe Virages was born.

Over the many years our founders have come to realize that this passion for automobiles is not JUST about going fast but as much about going slow and using our vehicles to visit interesting places

and make the journey as much a part of the ride as the destination. So an outing is as much a part of the culture as is racing at a track.

Think about all of the different specialty vehicles you have seen that could classify as a “journey vehicle’

Obviously first and foremost is;

1- The convertible….and what a resurgence we have seen in these…

2- The mini-van…oh so maligned but I bet more trips and people have been moved  in them than in any other single type of car.

3- The Subaru Baja…sail boarders and surfer’s perfect vehicle

4- The Jeep, Land Rover and other off road vehicles.

Everyone driving these vehicles shares a passion. For these people the club has special outings that take people to wonderful places where they can drive, eat , and share stories.

Of course we have those that want to explore the very limits of their vehicles and want to do so in a safe and controlled environment and by this I do not mean a highway where we have car positioned over stretch of highway acting as look outs for the local law enforcement.

For these people we have courses to help them maximize their enjoyment of thieve vehicle and of course…all brands are welcome from Lada’s to Ferrari’s. one of course will lap the other…may times but both will and can be driven at their limits in a safe environment.

Groupe Virages brings together everyone who has an interest in automobiles to share their passion and also the knowledge. Some of the tools offered are…to name but a few.

- A forum to post information, ask questions, and share opinions

- Classified section to sell or acquire automobiles, parts and other goodies

The group is split into three succinct divisions

Virages, the Club; the social arm of the group

- Monthly suppers at great restaurants

- Outings to special locations

- Discounts at both automotive and other retail establishments

- Technical evenings dedicated to specific vehicles

- Free subscriptions to Pole position magazine

Virages Academy: the school offering

- Both Preventive and performance driving courses that combine

o theory and

o practice sessions

- The Driving manual

Virages Lapping

- Lapping sessions and races organized by various recognized clubs

In resume:

- All marks of vehicles are accepted…this is the key!

- All level of drivers are desired

- Teaching responsibility is our goal, passion our fuel!

- Protecting the lives of all is omnipresent in all we do.


Check out each tab of the Group and discover more every week.